first thing first,


it's a very long long long and long time i'm not updating this blog..
it's been decades maybe..ok that's a lie..white's ok right.?! hehe
for all this while..act, there's too many story to be told but yaa,i've no time..not really..quite lazy..that's correct.. love story, studies, family, memories, friends..
OMG.! that's a before,no mood,no blogging..
hehe..that's y it's become like this..i'm gonna die first waiting for my mood...haha
so now, as there are too many ideas and things to be told, and mood is the best for blogging,


i'm gonna tell u about this guy.!

he's mine.!

dear u,

we have been through too many and downs together..
i leaved u like an option before..but i came back to u like u're the one that i really need..
i'm so so so sorry for all my wrongdoings..
i didn't appreciate u at first but after all the pain i'm go through,leaving u alone,i did.!
and i really really know..
U're The One.
u can stand with all my ngade-II, manja-II, nakal-II and all that..
u understand me..but sometimes,argue for something that unimportant at all,it's normal..
make my love grow stronger..hope,u feel it too..
thank u for everyyyyyythingsssssss...i do and really really do appreciate.
thanx for being mine..u bring me the best part in my life..
u light up my day..u always be the actor in my dream..nice acting.! hehe..
even in my daydream,u're still there..hey.! i need others lahh to act in my dream.. :P 
kidding dear.. no offense k..
promise me.! u'll never do like i did..
and for that incident,it's ok..i'm not blaming u 100%..
but i still blame on u..just a little bit..
sometimes, i do reminding about that..
i don't really want act..but, all of sudden it come out of my mouth..
sorry for that..i still remember that..
maybe it was the moral that i get from my mistakes..
and u paid that..
so now, 1-1 ..
but i still love u the most.! the MOST.! 
remember that k.!
trust me..

p/s : i want u in my life . i want u to be mine forever . FOREVER k.! iloveusomuchhhh.!! :*

dah baca.? follow jom.! ^^

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