iT's AlReadY 2013 !!!

hope it's not too late for me to wish a happy happy new year to everyone..happy 2013th.!!
OMG.!! i'm growing older.!! 
as it was the third day of 2013th, act i should have three pages already but i've no time for that..
so,on 3rd january,
i start my first entry for this year.
as i didn't celebrate the new year,so i can't share story about that..
i'm gonna share about my activities lately..
college is killing us. SPT's student of KMKN.
too much assignments to be done.
also need to revise for upcoming quizzes.
as soon as we came back to college,the quiz will be held.
very pack schedule.
sem two is more tough..
and that was what they told us before..
everyone is stress out with those assignments..
act there's no holiday..
lectures gave us the assignment kinda we're gonna have a year holiday..
act it's only one week.
that is not enough..
really really not enough..
there's no different being at home and college..
almost the same..
books, books, books,
someday i'm gonna vomits.
patience patience patience..
life must go on.
continue with studies.
it's almost 2 a.m
i'm gonna have my pretty sleep.
and here, goodnight kiss :*


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